Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So you think YOU'RE a tea connoisseur?!

On the Web site,, the Tea Man quotes from the novel, "The Dream of the Red Chamber." Here's the quote for you to think about.
The matriarch asked her what water it was, and the nun answered that it was rainwater saved from the year before;...The nun then took Black Jade and Precious Virtue into another room to make some special tea for them. She poured the tea into two cups of different patterns, of the rare Sung period. Her own cup was of white jade. “Is this also last year’s rainwater?” Black Jade asked. “I did not think you were so ignorant,” the nun said, as if insulted. “Can't you tell the difference? This water is from the snow that I collected from the plum trees five years ago in the Yuan Mu Hsiang Temple. It filled that blue jar there...All this time it was buried under the earth and was opened only this last summer. How could you expect rainwater to possess such lightness and clarity?”