Wednesday, April 1, 2009

REVIEW: China Fancy Oolong, Tea Gschwendner


Okay. I know there are like 10 million amazing oolongs out there. I used to drink lower-quality oolongs in the early days of my tea imbibing, and I just couldn't love them. Undoubtedly, I was steeping them at too high a temperature, and I'll have to look into them again.

The China Fancy Oolong is not really what I would think of as a top-drawer tea: it's rather an ordinary oolong. I've read serious and scary tea connoisseurs who have much to say about oolongs, and I know I'm a complete rube about this topic. Nevertheless, forge on! Drive the last remaining reader to tears of boredom!

These are dark brown, huge leaves, with a reddish cast and lots of stem. When dry, the leaves had a greenish tinge with silver stripes on the leaves.

Golden-brown in color. The flavor is very different from the other entries here: it has a very big mouth feel and a very complex flavor. Which I like, if I haven't made that obvious yet. The first impression is one of fruit-- perhaps orange, or peach, or other citrus. It also has a cedar or woody flavor floating.

This is a pretty heavy, malty cup (compared to the others here, at the tea tasting at Tea Gschwendner in Algonquin). Apparently, it's a Yunnan province tea, which is supposed to be heavier and darker than your Taiwan teas.