Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poo Poo Platter

(Image found on the MarshalN blog.)

Marshal N writes very knowledgeably about tea, particularly the wide variety of pu-erh teas he has collected. His style is very approachable, and it's quite fun to read his many, many reviews of the teas he loves (and hates!).

One in particular surprised me a little bit: Tea made from-- wait for it-- bug droppings. Yes, the droppings insects leave behind in a tea manufacturing plant, and are usually swept up and tossed out.

Oh, go read it. You know you want to. And then stick around and read the rest of his site.

(Eat your heart out, coffee drinkers.)


Anonymous said...


We have shared many a cuppa, but even I with my decidedly low standards of tea drinking think this may go a bit far. You may have entered the "I think I have a problem" realm.......;)

Unknown said...

M., I had no idea you were blogging! Well, that you had blogged, once. I liked this part...

"I was listening to music while I was working, and I listened to the incredible sounds of Ennio Morricone- his soundtracks to Cinema Paradiso. Okay, that man has figured out a way to channel every longing and regret, every moment of sweet recollection into music. When I hear his music, I feel like someone is winding a bit of my heart on a little spool and is drawing it little by little out of me- but in a good way! I don't think it's describable if you've never felt it before. An amazing sweetness, loveliness- like the little curve on your baby's nose right between the eyes it's unbearably wonderful."

ANYWAY, yes, the bug poop tea is kind of out there in the rafters, isn't it. Well, you had to click over and read for yourself, didn't you? Admit it.