Wednesday, April 1, 2009

REVIEW: Tea Gschwendner tasting, final impressions

(This is the final review of the Tea Gschwendner tasting of their Edmon's Collection, which I've broken over a number of posts. Each individual tea received its own post, and they were originally posted in Facebook.)


I loved drinking all this tea. After the eight cups of wonderful teas (even the teas I wasn't crazy about), I was in a very elevated state-- not hyper, as you'd expect to feel after drinking lots of coffee, but rather relaxed and very alert and upbeat.

I'm so thankful I live near this place, and that I can have experiences like this. I may not be able to travel to Europe right now in my life, but this doesn't mean I'm bereft of opportunities to really awaken my senses and my mind.

And I really enjoyed all these very different teas, one after another. Typically I have one pot at a time, and of course you can't have wildly different experiences one after another that way. It's in the contrasts that so much pleasure was derived. Perhaps I need to get a tiny pot and make lots of different teas in sequence, so I can get this feeling again.

THANK YOU for reading, if you've gotten this far. Cheers, and enjoy your tea!