Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Time to Wake Up the Ol' Bear

Sleepers, awake!
Well, fellow tea travelers, it's time to wake up and start writing again. Maybe a cup of tea would help.

Thank you for sticking around and being patient while I reorganize my life. Blogging and intense introspection may go together, but perhaps not when I'm writing about tea. I've been working on my business, working on my family life, and working on me. Though I've been drinking tea, it's been in a rather desultory fashion, without spending the time or energy that such an obsession deserves. A bit of ti quan yin here, a splash of sencha there, some pu-erh in between, and of course Darjeeling to keep me honest.

Primarily, I've been reworking my daytime business, Chicago Captioning. Making a new website (can you believe it, still in progress), remaking relationships with clients, and thinking through the entire enterprise. You'd be surprised how much of your time a small business can take. But full steam ahead! Who knows, someday I might even take a vacation.

So we're open for tea. If any of you have any teas you want me to rant about, please do let me know. As always, I'll be honest when I like something and when I don't.  And readers, if you have any recommendations for me, please pop them into the comments section, and I'll be sure to look them up.

I appreciate all my reader(s), and I look forward to being part of your conversations again. Most of the content going forward will be tea oriented, but I will slip in a few other ideas along the way, as the mood strikes. Let the posting begin!

Very sincerely,