Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tomorrow I Teach

{ World's Smallest Teapot

Today I am a man, but tomorrow I am also a teacher. I shall be instructing on Literature and Composition for prep school students at my son's school, Valeo Academy, while still running my small business, Chicago Captioning.

Though my mental process are being impaired mightily while I write this (!) by the boisterousness (!!) of my two children, and I apologize for any appalling mistakes you may find, I can say I'll continue writing here, and I'll be using my knowledge of tea (such as it is) to help my students become more aware of their senses and writing about them, along with Beowulf and The Brothers Karamazov.

Wish me well as I bounce, Tiggerishly, into the world of English Lit., while keeping my other plates spinning. And keep dropping in to The 39 Steeps to see what we're doing. I might even have a precocious prep school student write a guest piece or two here from time to time.