Monday, May 11, 2009

Green Tea Factory Tour

Thanks to the blog, The Tea Guy Speaks, for link to this video. I'm intrigued by how much human craftsmanship goes into the processing of green tea in Japan, and I never envisioned the machinery necessary to process the tea.


Laura said...

I think you should go to India or China and do a little documentary about Darjeeling or Puer. I think your commentary would be a bit more entertaining than the Green Tea video you've posted here.

Unknown said...

I've heard how my voice sounds on voicemail and suchlike recordings. I can't sit through two seconds of listening to myself, so I can't imagine having other people do so.

However, I like the cut of your jib! I desperately want to see some of these tea fields, and soon. A friend from China is planning a 2010 tea tour-- in its beginning stages-- and I'm contemplating it. It depends on the cost and the state of my finances, of course.