Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Advice from MarshalN

MarshalN writes "A Tea Addict's Journal," which has become very regular reading for me. Today I'm reading a concise post he wrote about the most cost-effective way to improve your tea experience. He recommends, in order, paying attention first to your skills at making tea-- which takes practice, practice, practice (like getting to Carnegie Hall); then fixing your water; then getting better tea leaves; then finally getting better tea wares. I'll pull the four th point and encourage you to go to his Web site to read the rest.

4) Wares -- kettles, pots, pans, dishes, cups, whatever. This is by far the least cost effective way to improve your cup. The benefits (if any) they offer are usually marginal, and not that obvious if you're newer to tea. It also clouds other things and can mask problems in your brewing technique, etc, and so it's better to get the basics down before trying to upgrade the wares. They are also expensive and unpredictable. To continue the golf analogy - using the best clubs won't make you a good player. It can help a good player, but if you're not good enough to use that help, it's just wasted money

Read it all here, and then poke around for a lot more where that came from.