Sunday, November 27, 2011

TEA CONVERSION RATE: 1 in 7 billion. A personal record!

{ Radar and Thumbelina: Two other record holders }  
I've been drinking tea with growing seriousness for over 20 years. (Of course, readers of this blog may argue whether seriousness is a term that can be used to describe me at all, but we'll have to argue about that later.) In all that time, I've never, ever, converted someone to becoming a tea drinker. It's been strictly inside-baseball, preaching to the choir, kicking at open doors, biting the wax tadpole.

{ "I love flower tea!"
Kate gushes embarrassingly }
But my record is now officially 1 in 7 billion. My sister-- my annoying, bratty, smart-aleck sister-- has blogged about how she loves flower tea. "Loves," she captions, and she even uses an exclamation point under the photo she helpfully supplied. Not unlike certain feminine fans of Justin Bieber, who love him to, like, eleventy!!11!!!!

Throughout the years, Kate has mocked my tea obsession in earnest. But she "loves" flower tea? Bwa-ha-ha! Please go over to her blog and cause her to repent her Snidely Whiplash routine whenever I talk tea, and because she has publicly outed herself as a tea drinker-- nay, luuuuuver.

{ Kate Prouty Hearts Justin Beaver }


Kate said...

To be painfully correct, it's actually a tisane. TISANE, people. I didn't mention it in my blog because I don't cater to the uptight, prim, tea crowd.

And, so, NO. Not rilli, steeverino.

And even if it WERE? YOU DRINK COFFEE. Pot calling the kettle beige, perhaps?

Unknown said...

Kate: I've stopped drinking coffee again, because of the likelihood of psychotic "incidents." At any rate, if it has tea leaves in it, it's tea, even if it's mixed with other things. Green tea flower? Tea. Mixed grass clippings flower? Tisane.

Alex Zorach said...

The problem with tisane is that for some reason, it has this striking mental association in my head with the word "pissant". It's the "isan" combination, with the short "i" vowel, and that "t" at the beginning of the word somehow stays in my consciousness and migrates over to the end of the word. And it just doesn't conjure up the right image when someone uses the word "tisane".