Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kate writes about "Fictional Food" and other nonsense

{ Kate Prouty Flute Studio takes no prisoners }  

My younger sister, Kate, writes something like a blog, Some of This May Be True. It's better than mine, though, because she's funny, and she swears a lot. Plus, she writes about food, which is a broader subject than that of tea, and the topic tends toward a whole-life approach to writing. Perhaps I'll write about food-life on this blog more, and then ALL HER BLOG TRAFFIC BELONG TO ME. (The skull-and-flutebones picture above is the logo she created for her flute studio. It gives you a good idea of what kind of person we're dealing with, here.)

But she knows bally-all about tea, so that's one point for me, I suppose.

I hereby commit copyright infringement by copying a goodly chunk (with a picture) from her blog, a post entitled, "Clean Eating vs. Sloth: My Dilemma." Within the post, she mentions how she wants to write a series about this journey from sloth and despair to . . . whatever is one slot above that, I suppose. I hasten to say, a sluggard is quite unlikely to create an actual series about anything. Instead, I predict she'll write maybe one or two more posts about it before she gives it up. If you want, you could go over there and give her some encouragement to keep writing. Or to hang up the writing thing entirely and just stick to Shutting Up and Playing Her Stupid Flute, Already.

P.S.: I've made some typo corrections on her blog post, just to keep your eyes from bleeding. You're welcome.

4: FICTIONAL food. This is stuff that bears no resemblance to food, but is still marketed as edible. Cheetos. Fruit roll-ups. Kool-Aid. Pretty much anything with a cartoon character on the label falls into this category. 
I rarely branch into the Fictional Food category, because even at my most slothful, I realize that this is unacceptable. It's like trying to tell yourself that it's ok to eat Play-Doh because it's nontoxic. Crayons in tacos! Newspaper smoothies! Um. Don't think so.

UPDATE: For Alex Zorach (who was kind enough to comment below), here's a product I think might just be a great Christmas gift.

{ Alex Z., call your office. }


Alex Zorach said...

Oh man...I know some people love them, but I absolutely hate cheetos, and I've always hated them. Fruit roll-ups I liked as a kid but now I won't touch them. I also have always hated Kool-aid.

It's funny, I was at a dance the other night, in Pottstown, PA, a swing dance, and I saw a bowl of round orange things from very far away, and I got excited...from such a distance they looked like baby carrots. But as I got closer I saw they were cheetos.

Now, I've gone so natural though, even baby carrots look artificial to me, with their peeled skin and rounded ends. I love biting into a lumpy, rough-edged carrot...and not always that monotone orange color. I like buying the mixed ones...purple carrots, yellow, dark orange, light orange, white, greenish. Once you discover what real food is about, you can't go back. Or at least I feel that way.

Unknown said...


First, thank you for reading the blog AND COMMENTING! If I didn't watch the traffic on Google occasionally, I wouldn't know if I was speaking into the Void or not.

I should really look around for those heirloom carrots. It's probably high time that we learn about other varietals of *everything*, because it broadens and deepens our palate, but also it would undoubtedly protect us from the vagaries of large-scale food production and the possibility that a blight could suddenly leave us carrotless until the next season.

The real problem with Cheetos is that they leave that orange dye all over your hands, which then moves to your clothes, or carpeting, or furniture. I remember eating them as a kid, but haven't had one in years. I don't know if my kids even know what a Cheetoh (or is it Cheeto?) is.

Unknown said...

Alex, I updated the post to reflect your comments. Merry Christmas!