Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lainie Takes Tea at the Lockwood

Lainie's Tea Service. Jealous, much?
Lainie Petersen, host of the Lainie Sips tea blog, has a bullet-pointed review of her recent afternoon tea at the Palmer House Hilton's Lockwood restaurant in Chicago. For me, the money quote:

Tea: The high point of the service was the excellent tea from Rare Tea Cellar. Unfortunately, the online menu doesn't offer a full list of teas (and completely eliminates its selection of herbal infusions). My Aged Keemun was delicious and my companion's English Breakfast Tea was simply superb. You can't go wrong with Rod Markus's wonderful teas....

Aged Keemun? In a teahouse? In the U.S.?! I've friends in the U.K. who go to tony establishments for tea and report that they have to make do with much less.

For those who don't already know, Rod Markus runs the Rare Tea Cellar, and his love for tea is acting as a transformative influence in Chicago's foodie scene.

I'll have to head over there sometime, put in some earplugs, and enjoy some tea and scones.

(Above picture via The Examiner, credit to Lainie Petersen.)


Lainie Petersen said...

Woot! Thanks for pointing people to my article, Steve! Let's get together for tea real soon.

Unknown said...

Absolutely, and my pleasure. Your blog is always interesting and helpful to read. And I look forward to getting together again!