Tuesday, July 21, 2009

VIDEO: "Green Tea Leaves," by Jussi Rautaniemi

In the comments section of one of my blog posts, documentarian Jussi Rautaniemi posted a link to his video, "Green Tea Leaves," which is a short film about Dobra Tea. It's a Prague-based tea company with tea shops around the world, including two in the United States (in Burlington and Madison). I'm very intrigued by this company, because it's an enormous accomplishment to have grown a tea house into such a large chain.

They focus on Chinese and Japanese tea preparation styles, which they actually take the time to do within their tea shops. I find that to be quite amazing.

The video below is from the Vimeo Web site, and I hope it works for you. Thank you, Jussi, for sharing your video with us.

GREEN TEA LEAVES from Jussi Rautaniemi on Vimeo.


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