Tuesday, July 21, 2009

INTERVIEW: The 39 Steeps Radio, featuring Imen Shan of Tea Habitat

Today I will be interviewing Imen Shan, from TeaHabitat.com, who provided me with a package of wonderful dan cong oolongs recently. You can find the link here:


The program will be archived, and I'll post the permalink here once I figure out how all of this works.

I hope the interview will be interesting and a lot of fun!

10:00 CST, and the call in number is: (347) 857-2748


Imen said...


I am glad that we shared this experience together! :)


Unknown said...

Any time, Imen!

Hobbes said...

Nice job! Thanks for the episode. I tuned in not knowing what to expect, and 1.5 hours later was still listening. It's great to hear the voices of the people behind the web-sites!



Unknown said...

Hobbes, I'm very pleased that you found Imen's interview worth so much of your time. She has so much knowledge and passion about her Dan Cong oolongs. I only hope someday to have even a fraction of her understanding of tea.

My pleasure, and I do hope that I'll have other opportunities to talk with Imen and other delightful tea people.

toki said...

Great episode. Salute to both of you and many more to come. T

Unknown said...

Thanks, Toki. I am a follower of your blog, "The Mandarin's Tea," and I am glad for your input!

j and s said...

Steven, Spent an enjoyable nearly two hours listening to this. Very nice. Especially enjoyed information about charcoal and yixings, the talk about different kinds of heat and their effect on tea, and her suggestion on familiarizing oneself not by trying many teas, but by specializing, so to speak. You did a nice job predicting listener questions, too - with asking about spellings of teas and regions and also the kung/gong fu explanation, which was funny to boot. :-)

I think the idea of an American style tea culture developing is an interesting and exciting one (as well as inevitable? hmmm?). It would be very reflective of the casual approach that the US can take, at its best, to open mindedness for many types of teas,cultures, styles of prep, places, etc. If that makes any sense.

Very enjoyable! You did a lovely job interviewing, too.