Friday, June 12, 2009

#FollowFriday on Twitter

#tea #ff #FollowFriday @teadesigner @billyshall @teamonk @teaessence @teareviews @jessetea @redleaftea @teapotandteacup @nimbleleaf @ChaiBabyTea @dr_oolong @teahabitat @TheCafeGuide @ForeignTea @samovarlife @jessetea @redleaftea @teapotandteacup @nimbleleaf @ChaiBabyTea @dr_oolong @teahabitat @TheCafeGuide @ForeignTea @samovarlife @thetearooms @MaedaEN @teapriestess @CoffeeNomad @fangtea @asaunders @Teradoll @joannedj @teaviews @cheftramonto @teatunes @laniep @jazzihong22 @CactiArtCafe @AeyalGross @TeaBoat @Lileks @Teance @ericnicolaas @teapimp @teavana @pearlfineteas @damnfinetea @rishitea @teacraftecm @darjtea @WorldOfTea @pembteaco @Vetchling @jasonowalker @JingTea @ChineseTea @nancyoverbury @grantmichaels @darjeelingtea @steepster @lisaknowstea @GongfuGirl @Teance @TeaViews

No idea what this means? Twitter is a service that allows you to be part of a 24/7 stream of consciousness and conversation by people interested in the same things you are. These names are the "handles" of some of the people I follow, who are interested in tea. You can follow me by joining Twitter here:

If you would like to share your own list of tea-oriented Twitterers, please pop them into the comments section. Thank you!


Unknown said...

Except for @Lileks, who has no apparent interest in tea, but he's the only person who consistently makes me laugh.