Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upcoming Tea Series

I am composing a number of tea review series, variations on several themes, which I'll be exploring in the weeks ahead. I'll be hopping between them, but please return to read:

  • Darjeeling Tasting Series
  • Nepal Tasting Series
  • Dan Cong Oolong Tasting Series
  • Pu-erh Tasting Series

There will be a number of other tastings mixed in there as well, to keep things interesting (for me, at least). If any green tea distributors or farms wish to be part of a tasting series, please let me know, and I'll put one together.

And in case you're wondering, the above image is from the Book of Kells. I added it here because the interlocking series of reviews I'm embarking on, of glorious, intense teas, made me think of the complex fractals found in this ancient illustration.


Marlena said...

You always have the best pics and interesting reviews!

Salsero said...

Exciting project. I look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Steven, I have to approve of your taste in tea. You just want to review the best and most famous. I especially look forward to the Pu-erh reviews but I expect to learn from all of those you have planned here. Isn't tea wonderful? --Spirituality of Tea

Unknown said...

Marlena, Tom, and Jason:

Thank you for your interest. I appreciate your readership, and I do hope this will be of interest to you.

Unknown said...

Marlena: Thank you for the lovely compliment! I am happy you like what I write about here on the blog. It's been a pleasure for me to write. Really, I create the blog as a record of my tea education, so I am less likely to forget what I discover. And hopefully, other people might be able to discover more and perhaps try some teas that sound intriguing.

And Salsero (Tom): Really, on my end, I'm excited as well. I've been sampling these teas for some time, and I'm glad to explore each one a little more fully.

Jason: Your comment causes me to pause and think a moment about my tea choices. Why do I drink (and write about) specific teas? The tea being famous or best isn't really why I do it-- although "best" does come closer. For starters, I only review teas I think I will enjoy. Sometimes, of course, I don't like them; but it's not because I'm not trying to enjoy them. There's nothing worse than a hater of Merlot who writes Merlot reviews. (Well, mass murderers are worse, and a couple other things.) And yes, I do think I want to enjoy the world's great teas (and try to train myself to be able to enjoy them). Doesn't mean I know much, but that I'm intensely curious.

Anonymous said...

I understand but I must say, your curiosity seems to take over at times. I confess that I'm not too keen on white tea myself for its subtleties. If I want an oh-so-healthy tea I'll go for the Pu-erh which as far as I know is better for you than white tea. Perhaps you'd like to like white tea. But you know for sure you'll like Dan Cong. I understand because I feel like that too. --Spirituality of Tea

Unknown said...

Jason, speaking of pu-erh, I just updated the blog with the first installment of my Pu-erh Tasting Series: Yunnan Sourcing "Alpha." In your view, it's probably way, way too long, but you can skip to the end to read my overall impressions, if you're of a mind to do so.